Parasite killing herbs:

Green Hull Black Walnut
Black Walnut oxygenates the blood to kill parasites. The brown stain found in the
green husk contains organic iodine which has antiseptic and healing properties.
It is also used to balance sugar levels and burn up excessive toxins and fatty materials.

Cloves contain one of the most powerful germicidal agents in the herb kingdom. It is
an effective stimulant and aromatic for the lungs and stomach, and helps increase
blood circulation and promote digestion and nutrition. Oil of cloves is a diffusive
stimulant, often used to relieve toothache and remedy bad breath. Also good for:
low blood pressure, bronchial catarrh, colitis (mucous), diarrhea, dizziness, dysentery,
earache epilepsy, gas nausea, pain, palsy, spasms, vomiting, stimulating sexual drive.

Vitamins: A, C, & B complex